Back From Paris Up To Portugal!

Hiiiii !

I am back from Paris with Elien and it was an increadable time! We did a lot of shopping and offcourse window shopping because it was easter... so the shops wearn't open on sunday and a few on monday! I bought a lot of nice things, everything of the Garden collection of H&M! I am so happy with all of my pieces... I will show them on the pictures that I will post of Portugal! Yes, I found everything what I wanted on my wishlist (whoeehoooeww)!

I will show you some pictures! :D The weather wasn't as nice that i hoped buth I enjoyed it!

La fayette galeries
Friendship bracelet
Champs Elysées
Amazing jumpsuit
Model : Elien :D
Now I am one day back from Paris and I am going to Portugal with my Parents , my brother and sister! Yes it will be a family holliday! (jihaaa) I am allready over-packed with to many clothes, shoes, bags, dresses and sunglasses and I am ready to go! Here are some pictures of my trunk and my outfit that I will were tomorrow!

I will be back soon so enjoy my last message of the week!

Xoxo Birgitte

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  1. Amazing jumpsuit!
    I wanna get it,too.

  2. amazing !! I wanna travel too :D But I'm to busy right now :(
    Enjoy !!!


  3. I LOVE Paris, I want to be there too!
    Great photo's, that jumpsuit is so cool.
    x Robine

  4. thanks for your comment! and what a cute friendship bracelet! have a lovely weekend x

  5. Wow looks like you had a fab time!!


  6. Love that jumpsuit!

    Just came across your blog! It is lovely!


  7. great jumpsuit, love the blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think



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