A sneak peak in my room

After a few months of thinking, I am ready to show you guys some pictures of my room! It's a little to messy so I made a few pictures of my favorit items in it. My room is very comfi and small so I love to burn some candels to make it cosy. Last time I saw a picture of a room so I am using this to change my room to a "fashion room". In the place of some boxes I want to place a new clothing wreck and a clothing headstonk. My closet is falling apart by the weight of the overloaded clothes. After all I spend a lot of time in this room, looking tv, sleeping, study, working on my blog and so on... Hope you like it!

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These are my lovely candels and the amazing fake flowers in a ice tee bottle.
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My make-up locker with one of my favorit juwels in a ashtray (I know, it is weard)
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My favorit part of my room: the wall of friends! Everyday I see this pictures and it makes me happy, My friends are very important in my life! It's missing a few pictures but I am filling it soon!
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My table with chairs, I sit a lot on it!
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A few bags hanging on my bed, the rest is in boxes under my bed.

Lots of love x Birgitte

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  1. awww what a lovely room :D XXXX ♥



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