MY Big Day!

It's almost the first of april and that's a time to celebrate my birthday!
The best day of the year and the day that you get presents!
I did make a list for my birthday, and a few dreams of my wishlist are coming true!
Ofcourse my first wish is to celebrate my birthday in Paris! That's a big gift from my best friend Elien! She gave me a citytrip to Paris for my birthday! The best and beautiful gift you can get!
Thanksssss allready!!!
What I am going to do for my birthday?:
I dont know... My first Idea was to give a party in Hoogstraten, buth I want to do something special, like a dress up party... I dont know yet!

What I want for my birthday?

- Marc Jacobs necklace
- blackberry
- Ice watch (yellow, green, orange, purple, red, every color that excist!)
- silver ring from my grandfather
- silver bracelet from tiffany and co (Check!)
- Juwels from Disney couture
- Marc Jacobs bracelet!
- Some awesome boots
- a new black bag
- some money to spend in paris
- a trip to New York in September (Check!)
- a car.... A big spender that want to give me this??? Calll me!!! My favorit : Fiat 500 White one!
- Much love from my friend and never ending friendship!
- a lovely boyfriend
- a long and healthy life!
- ...........

Xoxo Birgitte

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  1. You're so cute :) love the list! I hope you have an amazing day and a FANTASTIC year!


  2. Fijne verjaardag alvast ;)

    Die ketting heb ik in een winkel in mijn woonplaats gekocht en dat rokje was online te koop via Asos en sans online



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