New York, The city were my love is hidden

According to a lot of people New York is the city where they will feind their love and I beleive this is also my destiny! The city which never sleeps, I want to experience all of it...The many streets, all fashionable people, the yellow cabs, the high buildings, this is my manner to enjoy!
Sex and the city is everything what has New York in itself!
Maby it takes a lot of time before you are there, I want to go as soon as possible!
New York, you will me see soon!
I will be there before you know, you stay there because you are never say goodbye!

Xoxo Birgitte

the song that plays on this moment: "Empire State of Mind" Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys

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  1. yay for NY : )


  2. Have a great time in NYC.

    This is our New York Song:

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